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Croftgate USA -
An Introduction To The Best Cleaning Solution For Your Vehicle


Tired of the same old car wash? Here at Halfway Garage we are pleased to announce our collaboration with, in my view, the best in waterless car wash technology from CroftgateUSA !!!!

Not only can you buy these amazing products in our online store at a time that is convenient to you but you can also purchase CroftgateUSA here at Halfway Garage, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have.  Halfway Garage is the only stockist within the Clacton and greater Essex area.  Why not give it a go, for a hassle free car wash with minimal effort and maximum shine!

Company Overview

As many of you already know, CroftgateUSA is the best of the best in waterless car care products. CroftgateUSA is a world wide line of high performance, Eco-responsible car care products. We are a GLOBAL company whose goal is to produce the finest in car care with NO detriment to the environment... We also are changing the way people think about car care. We are taking all the hocus pocus and snake oil salesman out of this... Perfectly cleaned vehicles, without any false promises. That's CroftgateUSA

We offer the FINEST in surface protection from Cars to Sinks and Showers!! If it is a surface , we can clean it !!! 100 % Bio Degradable products that offer the HIGHEST in performance !!! 

Founding date



Full Line of Eco-Responsible High Performance Car Care Products 

CroftgateUSA's automotive chemicals are formulated by their in house lab technicians and experienced chemical engineers in the US. We produce the range in the UK for the local market, with stock holding and dispatch allowing rapid delivery.


The founding principles behind CroftgateUSA are:


  • Only the highest quality ingredients

  • No hazardous chemicals

  • Efficiency and ease of use

  • Highest level of customer service


Unlike many other brands on the market, we are not simply re-branders; our products are unique to us.

If you're looking for something new, then give CroftgateUSA a try, you won't regret it!

Check out the instructional video link.................

Drop us a message or pop in for a chat!

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