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Servicing & Parts Replacements

Car Disc Brake
Engine Belt
Race Car Parts Repairs

As an established local independent garage, Halfway Garage is known for excellent service within Clacton, Weeley and the surrounding area.  Our expert team of vehicle technicians are able to service all makes and models of vehicle to the highest standards.

   Car Repairs   

Inside the engine or inside the cabin, Halfway Garage will be here to help you solve your car problems. Call us now.

   Car Servicing   

Servicing your car provides essential and preventative maintenance to your vehicle.

We like to service your car according to how you use it, depending on what sort of user you are.  At Halfway Garage we will tailor your car’s service to your needs.  Ask one of our team for the best service package to suit you.


The cambelt (or timing belt) is one of the most important components of your vehicle and needs replacing periodically to avoid poor performance and potential damage to your vehicle, so book an appointment today.

   Car Brakes   

We offer a full inspection and performance test of your brakes. Our experienced and expert technicians at Halfway Garage will repair or replace key components with quality parts to ensure optimum performance and safety from your vehicle.

   Mechanical Repairs   

Halfway Garage are here to help with your enquiries and advise you on the best approach to fix any problem whether big or small.  Our experienced and reliable mechanics can carry out almost any mechanical or electrical repair on all makes and models of car. 

   Car Exhausts   

An under performing exhaust system can result in reduced efficiency and can lead to other problems for your car.  Come in for a check – we will advise you on whats necessary to get your exhaust back up to scratch.  

   Car Batteries   

We only supply top quality batteries which deliver the performance your car needs for cold starts and the increased electrical demands of the modern vehicle.

   Clutch Replacement   

We can carry out a comprehensive check of your clutch system to put your mind at rest.  If yours does need to be replaced, you can rely on Halfway Garage and our experience to supply and fit your car with a high-quality clutch at affordable prices.

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